About the office

Dr. Maschefszky Law Office was founded on 14. 07. 1998 by Dr. Etele Maschefszky, attorney. The primary goal of the Office is to support the activities of both Hungarian and foreign players of the economy by providing legal assistance of a high professional quality in Hungarian, English and German. Our governing principle is a practical and client-centred approach to legal tasks, finding effective solutions, maintaining continuous personal contact, and a quick reaction to legal problems. As a result, the Office has a wide Hungarian and foreign clientele, and maintains a relationship of several years with most of its clients.

The Office is primarily engaged in professional work related to issues of civil law, economic law, commercial law, bank and finance law, company law, real estate issues, and the construction industry, provides legal representation to economic companies, enterprises, local governments, and private individuals both in and out of court, provides legal counselling, prepares documents. In addition, we have specialised and wide-ranging knowledge and professional experience in solving legal problems related to agricultural law, hunting law, as well as wildlife management and silviculture.

With the cooperation of its collaborating partners, the Office can provide an accounting, auditing, tax counselling or construction expertise background on demand. The Office also collaborates with a German law office.